Day 58 – Mantes les Jolies to Evreux

A sculpture we passed in the grounds of a factory we passed made and installed to mark the Covid lockdown period.

Once we had climbed the long haul away from the River Seine we entered relatively flat farming country with fields of ripe wheat, flax and rapeseed all awaiting harvest over the next few days.

Having started out early from Pierre’s home, by 10am we had reached a pretty picnnic breakfast spot overlooking a village tucked into a fold in the hills amongst golden fields of wheat.

Our picnic spot amongst fields of wheat

After a breakfast, it wasn’t long before we joined what appeared to be a disused railway track that had been converted into shared use path. The decent surface and gentle gradients meant that we made good  progress towards Evreux our next overnight stop.

We reached Evreux in good time by late afternoon when we checked into our accommodation. This time we we had booked a room in a small family hotel that offered a good room price for our overnight stay through  the website.

Once showered, we started to explore the town and locate a place to have our dinner. A tapas restaurant fitted the bill nicely and we were easily able to assemble a suitable mixture to suit our dietary needs and preferances.

Sauntering back to the hotel we passed a suitable bridge to play poohsticks,  so of course,  we had to play a single challenge. A passer-by, out of curiosity,  asked us what we were doing. So we had to explain (in French) the principles of this funny little game before handing him a small sprig of rosemary to challenge Molly. He was rather pleased to be the ‘vanquer’ and walked away with a big smile in his face!

Distance travelled: 35 miles approx

Total distance travelled: 712 miles

Ascent: 1300ft approx


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