Day 29 – Away to Lyon

Today we are on our way to Lyon, to meet up with Abi (Molly’s daughter) and Guy, her husband, who are living in France in Morzine, Haute Savoie.

This time however, we swap modes of transport and start the second phase of our journey without our tandem.

We cycled on return visit to Arles with our tandem to get to the station in good time to dismantle it ready to board the train to Lyon.

Our plan is to spend the weekend in Lyon, sightseeing, camping on a campsite on the outskirts of the city beside Abi & Guy’s motorhome.

All packed up and ready to go. The tandem packs down into two large bags, which means travel by train is an option.


2 thoughts on “Day 29 – Away to Lyon”

  1. Following your travels through your daily blog is fascinating and includes so many unusual details. I am also loving the postcards and really appreciate the extra time it must take to buy them, write them, find a stamp for them and finally find a post box.
    Thank you for keeping me in such close touch.

    1. Glad you have been able to follow our travels and that the postcards have been arriving! We’re in Liguria at the moment, staying with Molly’s friends Liz and Shane in a lovely little village called Rezzo in 650mtrs up in the foothills of the maritime alps.
      On Saturday we sail to Albania, arriving in Durres after an overnight journey.
      Simon & Molly

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