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Bratislava to Gabčikovo


We left Bratislava about mid day, we knew the ride was quite short and Diana had decided to post home her winter boots and one of Simon’s heavy sweatshirts….So that took a bit of time to sort out in the post office…..

Riding out of Bratislava was quick and easy, we went over the Apollo bridge which we had previously crossed on our ‘Post Socialist Tour’ with Authentic Slovakia and we were soon on a decent cycle track amongst wooded scenery.

The "Apollo Bridge", Bratislava
The “Apollo Bridge”, Bratislava

We had been told the Apollo Bridge had been constructed complete on one side of the river, then swung into position.

We had wanted to go over the ‘old new bridge’ which is newly complete and intended just for trams and bikes. But it is not officially open yet – some time in June we are told.


A few miles down the river is a man made island, with a hydro electric station, flood prevention works, a white water sports activities centre and an art gallery called  Danubiana . We visited the latter!

IMG_20160513_135359We spent a very enjoyable few hours looking round.

The space in the gallerywas very pleasing, open and light, feeling very close to the Duna, but protected from it.

The walk through the exhibition spaces seemed to flow, the outside being bought in at times by the view of a sculpture outside the window.

There were a number of sculptures outside and more on the roof, accessed by flowing shallow steps up to them.IMG_20160513_145323



Our onwards ride was a straight run along the side of the Duna, which in this part has been canalized. Fortunately we had a following wind today from the NW.

We rode along a strip of land that ran for some miles between the main river and the previous river course of the Duna, with a wide grassy slope on one side. It was along here we disturbed 2 deer, who ran off as we approached…. they galloped in front of us for some 3km before they realised they could just stop and we would pass safely by.

We got caught in a couple of very heavy downpours; thankfully the air temperature was around 17c so, although it was very wet, we did not get cold. Especially Diana’s feet, now in sandles!

We arrived at our Pension at Gobčikovo for the night and settled in, making ourselves understood with Simon’s rudimentary German language skills with the owner who spoke Slovakian, Hungarian and basic German….. but no English.

Nerd’s Corner

Bratislava to Gobčikovo: 34 miles.

Distance travelled to date: 1,503 miles.


IMG_20160511_15401111 & 12 May 2016

We have had two full days here in Bratislava and very much enjoyed the time.

The first day we joined a walking tour, went up the UFO tower and wibbled about the streets on our own.IMG_20160511_161235

We are struck by the contrast between some very elegant buildings, including some Art Noveau in style; and the very stark, brutal concrete constructions of the communist era.

IMG_20160511_174145A particular example of this being the ‘Blue Church’. It looks almost like an icing decoration on a cake. Then you turn around and opposite is a solid, heavy looking communist (former) hospital.

We are told the building is earmarked for redevelopment into apartments.





The second day we booked a ‘Post Communist Tour’ in a 70’s era Czchec Skoda, with Authentic Slovakia which we very much enjoyed. Giving us a valuable insight into some of the aspects of the effects of the communist era.

IMG_20160511_163325In contrast, we also visited the town hall museum, with many exhibits up to 1918.

We learnt that a cycling club was set up in Bratislava in 1888. Also that the first railway had horse drawn trains for some years before steam power reached Bratislava.

Zero miles done in the last 2 days!