Brindisi to Lecce

Feeling refreshed and ready to ride, we found our way out of Brindisi towards Lecce. This proved more tricky than expected, seems here you are expected to be in a car. We came to a junction where every option was fast dual carriageways with no bikes allowed. We retraced our steps and (eventually) found our way on a minor road to head south.

A stop by the sea to buy provisions and then eat them was a pleasant lunchtime. A pleasant change from the extensive industrial area we had passed. Power plant and desalination plant seemed to be what it was.

20160726_150555_005Arriving in Lecce we found a cafe with wifi and set about finding accommodation for the night. came up with a place not too expensive and fairly close to the centre.

Once we were settled in and went out to explore, we soon realised Lecce had a lot to see, so we decided to stay another night.

This gave us a full day in Lecce; however our plans to do a sight seeing tour were not straight forward. We wanted to hire an audio guide, but when we requested this, we were told there were no maps available to accompany it. An English tour in the afternoon was our next option, but this did not go ahead due to insufficient people.

20160726_125746So in the end, we managed to get a place on the little sight seeing train, which trundled through the narrow streets and was very popular. This was only accomplished by finding out how the system worked at 3pm and failing to get a place. Then at 4pm, Diana used her small stature to ensure being at the front of the queue for tickets on this ride and off we went.

Lecce is very photogenic and dripping with Baroque architecture, cherubs abound.20160726_181034

There are also many narrow streets, each with fascinating balconies, doors and windows.

Lots of tourists and busy with shops offering souvenirs of all types. A lovely place to look around, we felt we could have stayed longer.20160726_18062020160726_113346

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