A day in Donji Milanovac


We decided to stay in Donji Milanovac an extra night to try and sort out a river boat excursion through one of the spectacular gorges on the Danube before we cycled through.

20160603_184914Donji Milonavac is quite an attractive town , most of which was built around 40 years ago when the original town was flooded after the hydro-electric dam was built. There is an attractive riverside promenade which runs right past our accommodation.

We heard that was the second time the village was moved – the first time was in 1830 because of frequent flooding. The new town was then the first in Serbia to be built to a plan.

20160603_132659Taking advantage of our unloaded tandem we visited a lovely open air sculpture park about 5km away situated at the top of a hill with magnificent views up and down the Dunav.

Called Kapetan Misin Breg it was set up in 2003 by a wealthy shipping owner of the same name as a sculpture park which displays various pieces that the owner had created out of tree roots, pieces of timber and stone.

20160603_134523Whilst we were there we were treated to a delicious meal of local cheese and veg, local wine and elderflower cordial which we ate with a marvellous view in front of us.






When we returned to Donji Milanovac we called in to the tourist information office who informed us of an Austrian couple who had also been enquiring about boat excursions. This meant that the only local option for a boat excursion became affordable since the cost would be shared between 4 people. Noticing a colourful van parked in the car park nearby with an Austrian number plate we asked if they were interested in joining up with us the next day for a 4 hour excursion. They were interested so we booked the boat for the following morning.

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