About us

IMG_1398-1We are a married couple who live in Chester, UK. Our names are Simon and Diana.

With Diana having retired from her job as an Occupational Therapist and myself, Simon, being in a position to be able to take a significant period of unpaid leave we wanted to seize the opportunity to do something quite special and would bring us into a world of new experiences.

IMG_1395-1However, we wanted to travel together by one of the lowest carbon forms of transport possible – our tandem!

In this way we hope to experience the places we pass through in quite a unique way and end up at that crossroads of civilisations which used to be known as Constantinople which nowadays is the modern Turkish city of Istanbul.

East meets West here – Islam and Christianity – and prior to that, Roman, Greek and Phonoecian settlement and influence.

Follow our blog to see where we go and read about what we experience! We hope you enjoy the journey as much as we hope to!